The Less-Waste Project

Project Title

Promotion of waste prevention and recycling at the cross-border area

Brief description

Appropriate waste management is still an issue in the Greater Albania region. Many steps have been taken for an Integrated Waste Management, but much has yet to be done. According to the report of the European Environment Agency entitled “Municipal Waste Management”, Albania urgently requires the introduction of a separate collection system for municipal solid waste and the development of new regional landfills, which comply with environmental and EU health standards.
On the Greek side, DYNADYMA SA, in the last decade, operates the Integrated Waste Management System (WSSD), a network of 10 local waste / transhipment plants, landfill, Recycling Center and Waste Treatment Unit.
The objective of LESS-WASTE II is to prevent recycling / composting practices from the joint development and implementation of demonstration actions in the project partner’s fields.
The strategy of the project is to combine the centralized management of biowaste so as to achieve the 2020 targets for less landfill. Cooperation with municipalities is critical because of their responsibility for waste collection. The project aims at: a. to significantly improve waste management capacities in the areas concerned, in particular in the composting and recycling sectors. b. to significantly improve the capacity of the composting / recycling boxes at either neighborhood or home level (Screening at Source), to improve the overall capacity to 30%.
The main activities of the project are:
– Educational activities and local publicity events for awareness raising.
– Conduct a current waste management study analysis that led to the development of 3 waste management scenarios and the development of an integrated waste prevention strategy in the cross-border cooperation area. In addition, the supply of the necessary equipment as well as the material for the creation of a complete composting unit will be carried out.
Finally, a GIS system will be set up to monitor the improvement of composting levels. Beneficiaries are the municipalities actively participating in the LESS WASTE II program. The project will follow the lead partner principle due to its experience and knowledge.
The project follows a common approach to the design and implementation of the project and cross-border cooperation is vital to the transfer of know-how in waste management and landfill prevention.
The originality of the project is the integrated approach followed for collection at source in both composting and recycling, following a holistic approach.
Project results add value to the project area by promoting sustainable waste management activities and helping to preserve and protect the environment, improve quality of life and sustainable development of the area in general.

Project Partners

Waste Management of Western Macedonia DIADYMA SA (Greece)
Overall Lead Partner

CERTH (Greece)

Municipality of Grevena (Greece)

Municipality of Kastoria (Greece)

URI (Albania)

Municipality of Skrapar (Albania)

Project Info

Budget:  796.008,26€,

Duration: 24 months,

Signature Date of the Overall Contract: 23/05/2018