Supply of biowaste bins


The Mayor of Kastoria announces the public tender, with closed offers, of the public contract “Supply of Less Waste Bins”, with a budget of € 42,999.05 incl. VAT, no. mel. 9/2019, of the project “Promotion of waste prevention and recycling at the cross-border area” under the acronym LESS WASTE II,  funded by the Interreg IPA CBC Program “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020” the most economically advantageous tender, only on the basis of the price, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 88 and 117 of Law 4412/2016.

The date of the competition is 13/8/2019 on Tuesday and the closing time is 10:30 am.

The competition will be held in the hall of the Municipal Council of Kastoria.

Tenders may also be mailed with post, to the Protocol Office of the Municipality of Kastoria for the Competition Competent Committee until the meeting commences (13/8/2019, 10:00 am).

All tender documents will be posted on the internet, on the website of the Municipality of Kastoria in 

Individuals or legal entities or associations of those active in the field of trade – construction of waste bins have the right to participate.

Competition information is provided during the working days and hours at the Department of Environment, Cleanliness & Greening, tel. 2467025117, 2467081318.

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