Public information actions on biowaste management


Well formulated information is the single most important factor in attaining good results for household biowaste. The current project’s public information actions include school information programs and residential information actions for the Municipalities of Kastoria and Grevena, through events. Also, there is dissemination material of the project that contains reusable eco-bags, pencils, magnets, and hats that are distributed to those that participate in an action.

School information programs

This action concerns information and awareness of students of primary and secondary education about biowaste from households and is adapted according to their learning abilities. In particular, 4 basic educational programs were created which addressed to 4 learning levels. The 1st level concerns the pupils of kindergarten and information are communicated through the demonstration of bins; an experimental game, and a PowerPoint presentation. The 2nd level concerns pupils of the first 3 grades of primary school and contain a PowerPoint presentation with a built-in game. The 3rd level concerns pupils of the last 3 grades of primary school and contain a detailed PowerPoint presentation about waste management and info about biowaste. The 4th level concerns adolescent students of high school and Lyceum (ages 13-18) and contains a PowerPoint presentation other than those of the previous levels, details of waste management in Europe. The environmental program has as its main goal the information, knowledge, and cultivation of environmental awareness on waste management issues and especially biowaste. The content of the environmental program is also built on this main axis.

Events for residents

Another source of information and awareness is the organization of events. Thus, during this project event that introducing the new biowaste bins was organized so in Municipality of Kastoria as in Municipality of Grevena. Invitations for the biowaste separation-at-source events were published in the official website of the project and in social media, so the citizens have the opportunity to attend to. In the events, citizens of Kastoria and Grevena were present and were informed about the separate collection of food waste and the program implemented by the Municipalities. Household compost bins were distributed.

More info about events there are in the projects official website: