Press-release kick-off meeting in Kastoria



Kastoria 17-10-18

The kick-off meeting of the project “LESS WASTE- Promotion of waste prevention and recycling at the cross-border area” was hosted by DIADYMA SA in Skaperdeio Municipality Hall on 17/10/18. The project of LESS WASTE II is implemented within the “Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Greece-Albania 2014-2020”.

Representative from all partners were present and especially from:

1) Waste Management of Western Macedonia (DIADYMA SA), as leader partner.

2) Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH)

3) Municipality of Grevena

4) Municiaplity of Kastoria

5) Urban Research Institute (URI)

6) Municipality of Skrapar

Project Partners their discussed about the analytical project’s plan, roles, responsibilities, expected results and deliverables. Also they had the opportunity exchanged important information on the current, waste and recycling, situation, in the two countries and laid the foundations for further implementation of the program.

The overall objective of LESS-WASTE-II is waste prevention through the joint development and implementation of actions for the better management of bio-wastes in the cross-border area. The project directly contributes to the Programme’s objective for the sustainable management of waste, which contributes to: the conservation and protection of the natural environment, the improvement of the quality of life in the cooperation area and the sustainable development of the area in general.

The project’ s activities relate directly to the application of relevant European policies in the field of waste management, specifically waste prevention with the aim to minimize waste going to landfill and management of food waste, as they are adopted in the official Regional and Local Waste Management Plans of the areas involved.