Distribution of composting bins in Kallithea of Municipality of Kastoria



The programme for separate collection of food waste was held on 4th of February 2020, successfully, in the 6th Primary school of Kastoria. The pilot programme started in the Municipality of Kastoria in the area “Kallithea”.

Mr.Konstantinos Tsanousas- Deputy Mayor and representatives of DIADYMA, CERTH and Municipality of Kastoria were also attended in the event. Citizens of Kallithea were present and were informed about the separate collection of food waste and the programmes implemented by the Municipality of Kastoria. The first one hundred (100) household compost bins were distributed.

The pilot programme is implemented for the first time in Municipality of Kastoria and is part of the Less Waste II project “Promotion of waste prevention and recycling at the cross-border area”, funded by the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program “Greece-Albania 2014-2020”.